Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Crafts of 2012!

In my last post I told you I've made 3 crafts this year, so here they are. 

I've decided to start early on any holiday decorating I want to do. Christmas came and passed so quick and I completed ZERO Christmas projects for my home. Sad. Sad. Sad. Especially after falling in love with so many awesome projects on pinterest.
 So in preparation for Valentines Day I made these pillows for our papasan:

Amy from Diary of a Quilter did an awesome guest post at Ucreate on how to make the pillow on top. It was an easy project and didn't take long at all. I used the same technique to make the "LOVE" pillow to go with it.

Next, one of the littles from church was baptized Saturday. I found this tutorial on The Rachel Berry Blog for how to make a CTR towel and she also has a cute poem to go with it. I went to Walmart and bought a towel and figured I could use some fabric scraps I had at home. When I got home I could only find girly flowery fabrics. Not going to work for a boy. Then I rememberd a green apron I made 6 YEARS AGO! Yep, I still had some leftover fabric! Yay! So save your fabric scraps! They WILL come in handy some day. And pinterest has some great ideas on how to store these in an organized way.

And for my last project I used my precious Silhouette! This is my first time using heat transfer vinyl to make a t-shirt and I loved how it turned out. And even though I reminded myself a million times to flip the image before cutting ... I forgot. But at least I don't have any words on my shirt so it wasn't too bad. Is anyone else completely obsessed with the Hunger Games? I am so excited for the movie! And please ignore my awkwardness, sadly this picture was the least awkward of all the ones I tried to take hah!


  1. I'm SO SO SO happy you are posting about your 52 crafts...that way I can copy them if I want to :) I think I'm going to make a valentine's day craft soon. I have all the supplies I JUST NEED TO DO IT! ohhh and I'm definitely inviting you to ALL my kids baptisms {well only if you make them a cool towel JK} and Paul would like to say that he LOVES hunger games and he likes your shirt. I haven't read the books {shame on me} soooo I think I just might have to make a new goal for 2012 :)

  2. I want to do crafts with you so bad!!! Oh, and yes I did get a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas, but haven't even used it yet! (I know, I suck!!) I'm actually just reading the Hunger Games Series now, and I am becoming more and more obsessed by the minute! You've inspired me to make a shirt now for the premiere!

    Question - do you buy your vinyl through Silhouette or somewhere else? I'm trying to decide where I want to get mine from.