Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Koda's Birthday Present

I decided it was time for Koda to have a dog house. I'll be the first to admit, that little guy is spoiled!

So of course he deserved nothing but the best! He got a custom, quality made dog house made by my dad!

First we got supplies

Then we cut the materials and made the first wall

Pretty soon this became ...

{{That's Pepito (my parents' dog) testing out our work}}

I couldn't help myself at this point, I had to show Koda his birthday present!

My dad was so nice to deliver it to our house when he finished. He, with help from Nick set it up in our backyard.

The next day Nick and I painted it and here is the end result:


Friday, March 2, 2012

February Date brought to you by Chef Nick

On Valentines Day I got a text from Nick that said, "Hey Mike's car broke down and we're at Paul's. Can you pick up Taylor in a half hour and bring her here? Plz call before you come."

So of course Taylor and I didn't fall for this BUT we were excited to see what the boys were up to.  

We arrived to Paul and Eva's house and Paul (host) welcomed us to "The House of Love." He took us back to the kitchen where we found this:

{Chef Michael and Chef Nicholas}

They had a menu for us and the table had been set!
{haha notice they just got a menu and blacked out what they didn't offer}

They cooked LOTS of food and it was all good too! Taylor, Eva and I were all impressed! We all had a great time! They also bought us HUGE cards and planned to watch a chick flick with us. But by the time we got to eat we were all too tired for a movie. You bet we took a rain check!