Thursday, May 19, 2011

Love at first sight!

About a month ago we got a text from our friends Mike & Taylor that said "What would you say if we adopted a puppy for you?" and then another shortly after said "and what would you say if we already did it?" Nick and I had been wanting a puppy but had agreed to wait until we get a bigger place. We decided we would have to sadly tell them we probably wouldn't be able to take him. They suggested we watch him while they went to a wedding reception as sort of a trial run. We agreed but before they brought him over I told Nick we had to be strong & say no. Then I saw him. And then I loved him! And now he's ours, an irreplaceable member of the Jensen family!

He is a German Shepherd, Chow mix! We named him Koda after the cute little bear in Brother Bear. His fur is also as soft as a teddy bear! This is what I would imagine Koda would sound like if he spoke human: