Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy BirthWEEK to me!

This past week I celebrated my 23rd birthday, my first as a wife! Unfortunately Nick had to work on my birthday so he promised me a week's worth of celebrations! On my birthday I spent the day with my dear family. We went out to breakfast and my parents bought me a BBQ for our new (rental) house that we will be moving into soon! My little (teenage) brother even blew off his friends to spend the day with me, mom checked to see if he had a fever haha. For dinner we were joined by Nick and the rest of my family at BJ's and we had a great time!
Nick woke up early to make me breakfast Sunday!

When I was little I always hated July 6th because it meant my birthday was over, but not this year with my birthWEEK celbrations! Nick and I went to Red Robin on Wednesday, Yum! On Thursday we went to see "Monte Carlo," it was way cute and kind of a remake of the Lizzie McGuire movie. When we got home I put my hair in an updo, put on some big sunglasses, and imitated Cordelia Winthrop Scott the snobby heiress from the movie. Yes, I just turned 23, but sometimes I still like playing dress up :) Meanwhile Nick just rolls his eyes, even though HE is often found peering around corners with a tactical vest on and nerf gun on his latest "secret mission." I guess you can say we are both in touch with our inner child.

23 years old and still obsessed with "The Little Mermaid"

Getting back to my celbratory week, our last event was going to Disneyland on Friday after work! I went on "Ariel's Undersea Adventure," the new ride at California Adventure, a ride I have been waiting for for 22 years! It was colorful, it was musical, it was MAGICAL! My favorite part was the end which depicted Ariel & Eric's wedding and had fireworks in the background. We also saw the new Soundsational Parade which was really entertaining. I love seeing all the little girls sitting on their daddy's shoulders excitingly calling out to all the characters! So cute! And we decided to start a new family tradition, yay! We bought a new pair of disney pins, one says Mrs. and the other says Mr., we decided to get a new pair every July for our anniversary and we won't trade them. I love family traditions and I'm excited to one day have a whole collection of "anniversary pins."