Monday, November 14, 2011

What I've Been Doing ...

I started making a quilt,
My FIRST quilt!
I read over a tutorial and was surprised to find I have the skills to accomplish such a task.
If you can cut, measure, and sew a straight line you can make one too!
I ordered two Cape Ann charm packs from Fat Quarter Shop and as soon as they arrived I got to work!
I was a little nervous, this would be my first sewing project without mom's help ...
{{and when I say "help" I mean that I pick out a project & ask mom for help, get defeated by the sewing machine, and end up keeping mom company while SHE makes it hah!}}
In the past, it seemed that all sewing machines had conspired against me... No matter what I did they never seemed to do what I needed them to do ... that is until mom sat down at the machine. Then it would run smooth and easy until I came back. How frustrating!
This time I was determined to do all the work so I would be able to show mom a finished project!
Annnnnd I DID IT!
I was so so so happy!

And I took pictures at every step to show I didn't just give up and buy one on etsy haha!

1. I cut the batting and back fabric (since I ordered the charm pack those were already cut so that saved a little time)
2 - 3 I made "batting sandwiches"
4. I sewed an x through the sandwiches
5. I laid out how I wanted the quilt to look
6. I sewed the squares into their rows, then sewed the rows together and sewed a straight stitch around the whole thing
7 and 8 I snipped every seem, this took a long time! I was getting so anxious!
9. I threw it in the wash and then dryer and the snipped seams came out nice and fluffy

Annnnd that's it! It was a lot of fun!
And now Baby Niece has a lovely Christmas present :) 
Kara's tutorial was great!! She explained every detail and it was very easy to follow!

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