Friday, August 19, 2011

migraines = excedrin = no sleep

After 4 days of an on-and-off migrane I gave in and took some excedrin, which contains 65 mg of caffeine! I took two!

Later I found out I react the same as daddy to ceffeine. It kept me up all night!

What did I do in these sleepless hours of the night? For a while I layed in bed trying so hard to fall asleep. I then contemplated doing my grocery shopping at the wonderful 24 hour Winco nearby. Now, if you've ever been to Hemet you know going out late at night is a bad idea! Unless you're looking for a "lady of the night," then this is your place! So, I quickly put that out of my mind. What to do, what to do.... Oh! I know! The bathroom mirrors need to be cleaned. Ok, so that took a whole 5 minutes, now what? Then I looked down to see the lovely gift mom gave me last week and decided I must share it with you! Mom is so creative and crafty! But, one thing she is not is computer savvy. So she has given me permission to post pictures of projects she has done and we will be working on writing up tutorials together!

Well, I'm sure my fellow pinterest addicts have run across the make-up magnet board found here. It is so cute! This was my mom's inspiration for her own make-up board. We don't wear a whole lot of make-up, so she went smaller with hers, but it can be made any size. Below is the picture of the make-up board she made me, and you will see it has two different sides you can display. One of the sides has the cutest Disney newsprint-ish paper!
What do you think? I love it! And it's super easy to make!

1. Get a piece of sheet metal, and have them cut it to the size you want at the hardware store. (Mom cuts her own, how does she do this?? I have no idea. I'm sure that could be a whole tutorial on it's own)

2. Pick out two different sheets of scrapbook paper, and cut it down to the size of the metal.

3. Mod Podge paper to each side of the metal.

4. Stick magnets to the back of the make-up you use often. I used a 1/2" strip magnet roll with adhesive back which I cut to fit on the back of the make-up. The magnet is strong enough but the adhesive wasn't, so I stuck it on with hot glue.

5. Display your magnet board on a little easel. I love these! They can be found at ikea and they are inexpensive too! You can display it on any kind of stand but I especially like these easels because they have a ledge you can place eye liner or mascara on!

Let us know what you think!

Mom and Priscila

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  1. i loved this magnet makeup board idea. i plan to use it the same concept using pictures and craft tools. thanks for sharing

  2. Wanted to let you know I'm featuring your make-up board in a Magnetic Make-up Board Round up.

  3. good idea and also i'm awake all night on excedrin too. Such a love/hate relationship.