Monday, August 22, 2011

Are those my friends?

After months and months of parties for two (which can be fun) we found married friends!


Meet Mike and Taylor Stones!

We hang out with them a lot and enjoy doing random activities. We play wii (well mostly the boys do), we cook, we watch movies and youtube videos, we go on midnight applebees runs, we have play dates for our little ones (puppies), we go to the beach, we have FHE together ... and the list goes on! Also, they are the ones that adopted Koda for us! So we will forever be grateful for their kindness.

Bahaha! This picture makes me laugh so hard! We went to Applebees for happy hour one night and seeing us acting crazy in the parking lot afterwards (and me laughing histerically) might lead you to believe we went for drinks but I swear we only went for half price appetizers! Yum!

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