Monday, October 17, 2011

This weekend ...

This weekend Nick and I stopped by Winchester Farms to eat after I picked him up from school. Too bad the restaurant was closed! We enjoyed ice cream from the market instead. I love the country feel of that place.

Saturday morning I rode 13 miles to the beach ... on a bicycle! Mom convinced me to join her cycling group on this trip and it was a lot of fun!

That's me as my thighs and bum were screaming at me to stop.

That's mom! Twice my age and she can ride circles around me! She would ride and stop to wait for me along the way. The 26 mile round trip didn't phase her at all. GO MOM! 

This is a picture they took of the whole group.

It was a beautiful day at the beach and there were a lot of surfers out.

When I came back from the beach Nick and I went to BJ's for a dinner date and then to visit my cousin Ashley and Baby Jasmine! It was the first time we got to see Jasmine awake. She's such a cutie! 

Sunday we relaxed, had Mike and Taylor over for dinner and played some games and watched a movie.

It was a GREAT weekend :)

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  1. Wow pal - look at you!!!! I could never bike that far. I'm so impressed!