Monday, December 12, 2011


Even though the tree was up and decorated, presents were wrapped, and I was listening to Christmas music it didn't feel like Christmas until ....


Nick got me a DVD pack of these [my favorite] Christmas classics! Yay yay yay!

Love these movies!

What makes you feel like Christmas is here???

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  1. Christmas to me cannot be complete without sneaking down to the tree in the middle of the night...turning on the lights...and just sitting there and watching the tree. it's my favorite and so peaceful!

    ohhhhhhhhhh and funny story. the other day I was kinda stressed to the maximum with all my christmas presents I still have to make and paul was trying to get me to laugh/lighten up and he kept saying all these inside jokes for us and I wouldn't laugh. Finally he gave up using our inside jokes and screamed BARACCCCCKKKKKKKK. He was so funny and got me to laugh for sure!!!!!! hahahahahahahahaha