Monday, December 5, 2011

busy busy busy

Christmas is almost here!!!
We bought and wraped most of our presents and we got a {fresh, yay!} Christmas tree ... but there is still so much to do!
I want to make another rag quilt for baby cousin! I have the fabric now I just need to find time to put it all together.

But for now I will settle for writing a blog post update on what we've been up to!

Over Thanksgiving weekend I got to see my bestie KelKel!!! Yayayayay!
We went to dinner and then went to Barnes and Noble like old times. In high school our go to places to hang out were Barnes and Noble and Target where we would spend hours being silly.We also got together with our good friend Chelsea!

While we girls gabbed away we found our husbands reading Star Wars books to each other haha how cute!

Poor Scotty (Kelsey's husband) looks so tired! 
It was so good to see them! After years of seeing Kelsey on a daily basis we are down to about 2 times a year :( Thankfully we have things like skype and blogs to keep us updated in eachothers lives!

Last week Nick and I went to opening night of Wicked at the Pantages Theatre. I love getting dressed up and going to the theatre! The musical was AMAZING! I loved loved loved it!!! Too bad our cameras aren't working so we didn't get any pictures. Guss we'll just have to go again so we can document the experience haha

In other news, I tried out some new recipes from Pinterest which I highly recomend!

The Oreo Truffles were so so easy to make and everyone loved them! You can find the recipe here.
And the forzen hot chocolate is my new favorite thing to make! So yummy! That recipe can be found here. My husband is a big fan now too!

And last but definately not least, we got to meet our baby niece! We're so happy to have the newest addition the the family with us for the holidays!

Thanks Emily for the not so subtle hint to update my blog :)  Sorry this post is so long!


  1. oh my gosh...i LOVED LOVED LOVED reading this post. That is so awesome that you got to see Kelsey :) AND i'm going to have to try those recipes!!!!! i cannot WAIT until the day when paul and i come to CALI and i can see you again. BARAAAACCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!! oh and you should post a picture of your tree {since you told me a while back that you were sad you didn't have one of your first Christmas tree AND because i want to see it!} XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

    ps. gamma...

  2. I MISS YOU ALL!! I want a reunion with the Jetsons and Arnetts!!! :) (and the Goulds of course! haha) But I LOOOVED that picture of Nick and Scotty reading to each other. SO funny :) haha and Sydney's baby is so precious!!!