Friday, July 20, 2012

Baby Max

A couple weeks ago I got to visit my very best friend/sister and her beautiful little family.
I got to meet Baby Max for the first time. He is such a cutie! He looks just like his momma!

The little noises he made while he was sleeping were precious. I loved holding him!

I miss my bestie!
I had been working on a rag quilt for baby but got pretty busy at home. Mom helped me finish it in the hotel room the day we were leaving. I'm so glad we got it done. And here is the rag quilt modeled by baby Max himself.


  1. I love that blanket! It is so cute. And cute baby!! Congrats Kelsey!

    1. Thanks Amanda! Those blankets are so fun to make! And you're right, little Max is so cute!

  2. CUTE BABY MAX!!! and the quilt is cute too :)

    sorry I've been a bad blog stalker and blog writer lately...that will change soon because I'll have all sorts of California adventures to blog about!!! BARRACKKKKK!!! I can't wait to craft with you!!! Peace and blessings!