Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bright are the stars that shine

Here's some random trivia for you!

What HUGE celebrity did not (until last week) have a star on the walk of fame?

the answer is Sir Paul Mccartney!

Dad took me down to Hollywood to Paul's star unveiling ceremony. It was a lot of fun. I am so happy we were able to be a part of this little bit of Beatles history. It was awesome to have a gathering of people who appreciate The Beatles as much as I do! One lady had a ticket from their concert in 1966, she was 13 when she went to the concert. If only I had been alive!
Now they're complete in a nice row in front of Capitol Records building where they once recorded their music.

Capitol Records


  1. this is awesome!! I love the Beatles music...obviously not as much as you BUT this looks like so much fun. MAYBE something we have to add to the California trip?!?!? BAAARRACCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing that wonderful day and the pictures. Took a long time, but now finally Paul has his star. Maybe, but I`m seriously thinking it ever will happen to me, I will be glad and visit the stars - I`m from germany, old and most time very sick.
    Well, fan since more than 30 years and never getting tired of it.
    Love to you, to Paul, Ringo, John and George and all who are lovers to them. They made my life, I never could imagine my life without them. They gave so much to me. Even if my english is poor, they gave me the power to learn it, nobody else did !
    Bye and Peace ;)
    Yours Chris

    1. Thank you Chris! I loved being surrounded by so many Beatles fans and it was amazing to see how they've touched so many lives in differnt ways. Thanks for sharing what they mean to you! I hope you make it here to see the stars!