Thursday, June 16, 2011

Uh, yes, the spyiiiiiider.

We started out last weekend going to the “Dive-in Movie,” nope I didn’t mean to say drive-in. The Aquatic Center in Hemet has night swimming and when the sun goes down they play a movie! I love swimming and this sounded like so much fun to me! Apparently (besides me) this only sounded fun to children up to about the age of 12. Haha so picture it, Nick and I swimming around a pool with a bunch of little kids (even the parents didn’t get in!). There was a deep section for us “big kids” but we had to take a swimming test before we were able to cross the buoy line, luckily we passed haha. The movie they played was Megamind, which we love!

Other events from the weekend include going to the air show, the farmer’s market, more swimming, Koda’s training, the grand “unleashing” of the new dog park in Redlands, and a BBQ at my parent’s house! Overall a really fun weekend!

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  1. That sounds awesome to me! I would totally do that